Founder of the Vision Optimization Summit; Biohacker, Vision Educator, Documentary Filmmaker

Biohacking our inner & outer worlds to better vision

Victor is an optimal health/holistic visions guide, somatic therapist, citizen scientist, motivational speaker, and a documentary filmmaker. He has mentored with cutting-edge doctors and scientists who are using modern science and ancient wisdom in equal measure to achieve optimal health and spiritual fulfillment. He also happens to be blind.
He recently released My Neuroplastic Adventure, Victor’s mission to supercharge his eyes, mind, body and soul using ancient wisdom and modern science where he investigates therapies including: sound therapy, pulsed elector-magnetic field therapy, and the psycho-active tea ayahuasca. View the trailer or full film on Vimeo.

Victor will share the secrets to how he improved his vision by more than 33% and how you can get closer to 20/20.